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General Opera links

OperaWeb - Opera's, singers, reviews, fun stuff, ...

OperaGlass - Opera's, composers, singers, ...

Mike Richter's Opera Notes - A weekly music clip, opera files, ...

Opera-L - The archives of the mailing list Opera-L

Opera-fr - The archives of the (french) mailing list Opera-fr

Operissimo - Operas, composers, performers, opera houses (in German)

Libretti - Public-domain opera libretti and other vocal texts

The Aria database - Opera arias, translations and MIDI files


OperaNet - Interviews and reviews of performances, CD's, books, ...

La Scena Vocale - Bi-monthly magazine (in English and French)

OperaNet - Culturekiosque's Opera Magazine; with CD reviews, performance reviews and interviews

Le Concertographe - Le quotidien de la vie musicale sur Internet (in French)

The Opera Critic - Opera reviews and articles, webcasts, ...

The Arts Pages - Reviews from the broad field of the Arts

Opera magazine - A selection of the articles and CD reviews published in this British magazine; the links page has a good overview of the web sites of opera houses

Opera Schedules

Operadata - Access to Opera Now's database

OperaBase - Opera houses and schedules (with clickable maps)

Opera Schedule Server

Opera-L City Files - Visitor's guides

More lists of opera links

Operastuff - Lists of opera companies, singers, ... by Keith Moulton

Corpus - Lists of composers and operas (Operabase)

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